By appointing a Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator (PECC) within your agency, you are ensuring the treatment and transport needs of a pediatric patient are carried out properly and to the best of your team’s ability.


The PECC will be a voice for pediatric patient needs and will work specifically with your protocols, equipment, resources and transfer guidelines to help your organization create an agency-specific plan for all pediatric patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended role of a PECC?

The PECC role can be carried out in many forms, but a few important roles of this position include:

  • Ensure that the pediatric perspective is included in the development of EMS protocols

  • Oversee pediatric process improvement within your agency and community

  • Promote agency participation in pediatric prevention programs and research efforts

  • Ensure fellow EMS providers follow pediatric clinical practice guidelines

  • Promote and provide pediatric continuing education opportunities within your agency

Who can serve as a PECC?

Please recognize that you do not need to create a specific, paid role for a PECC. Often, a PECC is concurrently assigned other duties within your organization. This role can be filled by a paramedic, a QA/QI team member, an educator, a chief paramedic or anyone in between. The best choice for this role is someone that has a passion for pediatric patients and a working knowledge of the resources within your area.

How will my agency benefit from a PECC?

Your PECC will serve as the main contact point for Missouri EMSC, and will be given access to our PECC Membership Page on this site. MO EMSC educational pilot programs will be offered on the membership site prior to being released to all agencies in the state, as well as a networking discussion board. This discussion board will allow for all PECCs to reach out to others in their area and will become and easy way to connect resources within your region.

A national study of EDs found that the presence of a physician or nurse pediatric emergency care coordinator was associated with an ED being more prepared to care for children. Missouri EMSC believes this will translate to the prehospital world, and we expect to see a significant increase in your providers' comfort level and knowledge of pediatric patients. This in turn will result in fewer errors in patient care and improved outcomes for the children in your community.

How do I register my PECC with MOEMSC?

In order to officially register your PECC, MOEMSC must have a signed PECC Pledge from your agency. That PECC Pledge can be found at the top of this page. Please have your designated PECC (or multiple!) sign and email the pledge back to Liz Kendrick, Program Coordinator. 

Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinators

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