Through outreach efforts, MOEMSC has had multiple services and EDs state that a lack of a pediatric training manikin hinders them from being able to run skills or scenario training. In order to help eliminate this barrier, we have created a Regional Equipment Library.


This will be a loaner program available at no cost for all EMS services and EDs in the state. The current equipment is available at each library:

  • 1 Prestan CPR Infant with Feedback Device

  • 1 5-year-old Gaumard CPR and Trauma Trainer Manikin

  • 1 Life/form Micro-Preemie Simulator

Other items available for loan through the Columbia office:

  • 9 Pedi-Ed-Trics Mani-kids

  • 1 infant IV training arm

  • 1 child IV training arm

  • PEPP Books

  • 1-year-old CPR and Trauma Trainer

For any loan request, please click the button below and email your request to Liz Kendrick.

EMSC Headquarters - Columbia (south central):

Liz Kendrick, EMSC

East Central Region - O'Fallon, MO:

Mike Wildeisen, Air Evac

Central Region - Hannibal, MO (north central):

Kyle Bowman, Marion County EMS

Southwest Region - Springfield, MO:

Bob Patterson, Mercy EMS

West Central/KC Region - Warrensburg, MO:

Nick McDaniels, Johnson County Ambulance

Northwest Region - St. Joseph, MO:

Joe Pike and John Harris, Buchanan County EMS

Southeast Region - Cape Girardeau, MO:

Deb Leoni, Southeast Hospital

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Call us:

Liz Kendrick

Program Coordinator


Find us: 

115 Business Loop 70 W

Room 118A

Columbia, MO 65203