Through outreach efforts, MO EMSC has had multiple services and EDs state that a lack of a pediatric training manikin hinders them from being able to run skills or scenario training. In order to help eliminate this barrier, we have created a Regional Equipment Library.


This will be a loaner program available at no cost for all EMS services and EDs in the state. The current equipment available at each library is:

  • 1 Prestan CPR Infant with Feedback Device

  • 1 5-year-old Gaumard CPR and Trauma Trainer manikin

  • 1 Life/form Micro-Preemie Simulator

Other items available for loan through EMSC:

  • 9 Pedi-Ed-Trics Mani-kids

  • 1 infant IV training arm

  • 1 child IV training arm

  • PEPP books

  • 1 year old CPR and Trauma Trainer

Listed here, is the contact information for each regional host. For any loan request, please click the button below and email your request to Liz Kendrick.

EMSC Headquarters - Columbia (south central):

Liz Kendrick, EMSC

East Central Region - O'Fallon, MO:

Mike Wildeisen, Air Evac

Central Region - Hannibal, MO (north central):

Kyle Bowman, Marion County EMS

Southwest Region - Springfield, MO:

Bob Patterson, Mercy EMS

West Central/KC Region - Warrensburg, MO:

Nick McDaniels, Johnson County Ambulance

Northwest Region - St. Joseph, MO:

Joe Pike and John Harris, Buchanan County EMS

Southeast Region - Cape Girardeau, MO:

Deb Leoni, Southeast Hospital


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